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Pet Boarding Cairo


By Owner

December 31, 2018

"The sitter was an amazing young girl who took a great effort in dealing thoughtfully and kindly with my Cooker dog. She used to keep me daily updated with my dog wellbeing sending me pictures and voice messages about her daily activities. I felt reassured during my holiday as my precious dog was well taken by one amazing sitter which I highly recommend to any one who values his dog best."

Pet Boarding Cairo


By Owner

December 30, 2018

"They are amazing I tried them with my dog. They truely love pets and the hosts treat them like family and they made it in the right way. Thank You fluffy sitters team and Special Nada and Sherif Amged :- ) "

Pet Boarding Cairo


By Owner

January 4, 2019

"my jack russell terrier stayed with nada for 14 days and had the time of her life. She constantly sent me photos and videos of diva and made me and diva extremely comfortable with the situation. I would recommend fluffy sitters to anyone who's looking for someone to look after their dog and treat them like their own. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication and I am definitely going to do this again."


Our Mission

Pet Boarding Cairo

Fluffy Sitters connects Pet owners with trusted people who would love to look after their pets. We make it easy to arrange walks, playtime, overnight stays & pet advice. Our aim is to help pet owners when they need it, give pets more exercise and playtime and a real home to stay in while their parents are away .


Our Community

Kennel In Cairo


By Sitter

"Nothing is more adorable than having a little creature to care for 🐶😍"

Kennel In Cairo


By Sitter

"I adoreeeeeee dogs.. I love them as my kids. All my friends think I am crazy because all my talks and posts about dogs."

Kennel In Cairo


By Sitter

" So, I had my first guest Zeya, everything went smooth, the team made follow ups making sure all was OK with Zeya and me. 
What I liked best is Nada making all these follow ups, making sure all is going well and coordinating between the owner and the sitter. It was a lovely experience with them.
They try to find people who care"

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Nada El Barkouky founded Fluffy Sitters along side her brother Moataz after he graduated from the University of Toronto in Canada. Being pet enthusiasts they were inspired by pet communities abroad to create a network of pet lovers who would love to take care of pets, simply because they love them. Their aim is to help pet owners when they need it, give pets more exercise and playtime and a real home to stay in while their parents are away.