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What Pet Parents say about us

Nora J.

The vets are amazing! My 3 weeks old puppy was constipated, they asked me the right questions and told me what to do. They also followed up on my Bruno after! Whenever I need something they readily answer. Thank you so much for the advice/help really appreciated

Rosemary A.

Roy was itching and had many insects on him I was so scared. They asked me for a photo and told me what to do as a home remedy and quick relive for him. They also sent me useful articles with how to clean and all that. I followed what they said and it worked magic. I told all my friendss and they love fluffy!

Jo B.

Miny wasn’t eating at all! Like literally only 7 or 8 pieces of dry food and no yogurt, milk or anything. When I asked fluffy they asked me about her behavior and environment and I found out that miny was stressed. Whenever I have an issue I text them cause they are very very helpful and tell you what to do . I didn’t have to go to the vet a lot of times because of fluffy and how they care. Thank You so Much specifically vet Ahmed.

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Our Mission

At Fluffy Sitters we cater to any pet related topic.

Our goal is to improve the lives of pet owners and  their Fluffies.   Fluffy Sitters connects Pet owners to Vets who can answer their questions and take on their pets case. Our aim is to provide pet parents with a personal vet who can always be there