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10 Signs That Your Dog Adores You!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I wish I had the ability to speak to dogs. To understand how they feel and what on earth they are trying to say. For instance, why does my dog stare at me while he poops and what’s with the head-tilt? Is it because I’m weird, does he need my protection or is this how he says “I Love You” ?

Dog are actually like humans in many ways and studies show they have similar brain structures to us, which helps them produce emotions.

So yeah, dogs do have feelings and actually “LOVE” their family.

Don’t believe me? Here are 10 proven signs that your dogs are crazy for you:

1- Leaning on you

Heard the famous song “lean on me”? People lean on each other for support and to gain strength. Dogs are social pack animals, when they love and trust you they lean on you. You are their source of protection and comfort.

2- Gazing into your eyes

When your dog is “hugging you with their eyes” they are displaying trust and attachment. Like humans their brains release oxytocin causing strong emotional bonds to form. So keep looking at your doggo’s beautiful eyes!

3- Stealing your stuff

Dog stealing owners clothes and playing with dog toy

Missing socks, sweat shirts, shoes and towels? Guess what they don't miraculously disappear or move, your dog just decided he wants it more than you. Dogs are just sneaky little things! Don’t be mad when they steal your stuff though, that actual means they love you. Your scent gives them comfort and security. That’s why at Fluffy Sitters we always recommend leaving one of your old shirts with your dog, especially when you are away.

4- Bringing you their toys

Dogs are super possessive when it comes to their toys, bones and treats. So if your dog offers you their toy that is a huge sign of trust. Granted it is usually wet, slobbery and falling apart, but we must accept. The things we do for love...

5- Sleeping next to you

Dogs are the best sleeping buddies, they are comfy, cuddly and soothing. Research indicates that sleeping with your dog is actually beneficial for your health and for your dog. Take it as a compliment when a dog curls up next to you. For them you are family.

Note: Sleeping with your dog helps them overcome separation anxiety and makes them feel less distressed.

6- Letting you pat their head

Dogs won’t just let anyone pat their heads, it could be a sign of a threat. So if your dog allows you to do that, you are special. They also show that by closing their eyes and leaning into your touch.

7- Rolling for belly rubs

This is a sign that your dog ADORES you! They feel relaxed and safe with you. Your dog views you as the trustworthy leader, exposing their underbelly- where they are most vulnerable. So give them a good rub, they love it!

8- Raising their eyebrows and smiling

Like humans dogs have expressive facial expressions. This one is subtle, yet effective. Through raising their eyebrows and pulling their ears back slightly their eyes appear bigger which makes them look cuter. Your dog is trying to look nice for you - Wink Wink.

9- Going crazy when they see you!

Tail wagging, jumping and dancing around is the best greeting. Your dog is literally jumping with joy for you!

10- Yawning when you yawn

When you yawn others start to yawn because it is contagious. Studies show that dogs are like humans in that aspect and it is actually connected to empathy. They yawn with you because they love you and are demonstrating their sympathy.

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