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Flea Season: Survival Guide

Here is something we can both agree on...

Fleas are a nuisance for us and our pets!

Especially during the summer season, these pesky creatures are a major cause of worry and concern. The good news is fleas and ticks are preventable and can be controlled. You just need to know what to look out for!

So fleas, what are they?

Fleas are wingless insects that feed on blood, a female flea can consume 15 TIMES its body weight in blood every day (Yikes! Tiny Vampires). The warm fur of your dog or cat is the best sanctuary for them. They live from 13 days to 12 months, and can jump from one host to another.

As if that’s not enough...

During that time the can produce millions of offspring; they can also carry plenty of bacteria some of which you (human) can catch.

And that begs the question..

Does my pet have fleas?! Here are some signs:

  • “Flea Dirt” or droppings, they look like dark sand on fur

  • Flea eggs; now these are tiny white looking grains

  • Excessive licking and scratching

  • Scabs and hot spots from hurting themselves itching

  • Pale lips and gums (Sign of anemia! Take care especially of your puppies and kittens)

  • Tapeworms (swallowing a small infected flea). A telltale sign is if your dog scoots his ehm ehm ‘anus’ on the ground or rough surface; you can also find it in their stool.

  • Allergic reaction from flea saliva

Here is how to deal with this:

Note: Scalibor is good for regular protection but might not be as effective for ticks and more aggressive infestations.

  • Fleas comb slowly run comb against the hair pattern and watch out for flea dirt and fleas. Dip the comb is a glass of water to drown them.

  • Plant some flea repellant plants like: sage, rosemary, catnip, lemongrass, basil and mint.

  • There are also some natural home spray ideas you can try to destroy the infestation.

  • If you have a garden, mow the lawn regularly, keep garbage covered, spray your yard.

  • Medical shower monthly to prevent! And every 2 weeks if your pet has fleas.

I know I know this is a lot!

Better prevent it then have it....

Our babies deserve an itch free life ;)

Hope this was helpful! Stay tuned…

Our next article is about: How to deal with ticks and remove them!

From one fluffy parent to another

Disclaimer: Please check with your vet before taking any medication for the proper dosage. Also keep in consideration that some of these products are toxic for cats and can be harmful for puppies, make sure you read all instructions.

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